The Meridian Difference


The Meridian Difference is an experiential methodology process our operational clerks adhere to that capitalizes on our decades of industry focused experience to provide a more complete and accurate verification of loss, thus controlling client costs.

Other Clerk-of-the-Works

  • Count heads and equipment and assign dollar value on these two variables

Meridian Operational Clerks

  • Verify counts and understand the appropriate applications based on the damages
  • Control staffing
  • Control equipment usage
  • Control management
  • Define and control critical path
  • Provide daily oversight and accountability to the restoration contractors
  • Minimal operational assistance
  • Participate in the overall project from an operational management perspective
  • Verify scope of work and cost projections
  • Negotiate rates based on project needs
  • Daily reports
  • Daily objective project summations
  • Accurate, real-time tracking of labor, equipment, and materials